Our vision is simple. CRIME FREE SAFE COMMUNITIES.

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To make available continuing education scholarships to graduating students of the Westonka and Orono High Schools. To promote respectful behavior, family and youth safety, good decision making skills and encourage neighborhood watch.  We will help educate the public about personal and property safety. We promote teach our children the value of respecting others, the dangers of substance abuse and violence, and how to make responsible decisions. We promote preventing crime, preparedness, safety awareness and being mindful of your surroundings. We encourage law enforcement and citizens to create an on-going responsive dialog.

Through the Minnetrista and Orono Police departments we distribute educational materials and provide; crime prevention information, rewards for crime tips, and special non-budgeted equipment.  We collaborate to achieve our vision, strengthen community-police relations and Crime Free Safe Communities.


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We believe, everyone should be safe and prepared.  We believe, to prevent crime we must work together and that leads to safe communities.  We believe, trust between citizens, the community and  the police is vital for safe neighborhoods.  We believe, everyone should pay-it-forward through giving and volunteering. We believe, a police officer presence in schools and neighborhood’s is essential to Crime Free Safe Communities. 

We believe, it’s everyone’s responsibility to educate themselves about personal and property safety, disaster preparedness, and be safety aware and mindful of their surroundings at all times. We believe, when people practice crime prevention techniques and being safety aware and are mindful of their surroundings it will reduce their risk  of becoming a victim of a crime. We believe in community policing philosophies.